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Knoxville Regional Accessible Transportation Coalition

Workshop & Coalition Information

Easter Seals Project Action – Accessible Transportation Coalitions Initiative (ATCI): The Knoxville region was selected by the Easter Seals Project Action organization, as one of ten communities across the United States, to participate in the 2011 ATCI. Funded through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) - the ATCI is a one-year process designed to support systems change at the local level. To start this process, employees of Easter Seals Project Action came to Knoxville to facilitate the two day workshop. The goal of ATCI is to promote cooperation between the transportation industry and the disability community to increase mobility for people with disabilities. The two day workshop had several purposes, including to:

  1. Help update the Knoxville Regional Human Services Transportation Coordination Plan;
  2. Help establish a coalition or advocacy group for accessible transportation;
  3. To facilitate group discussion around the urgent issues for accessible transportation resulting in a plan to address those issues;
  4. Provide technical assistance regarding best practices to reach solutions; and
  5. To teach, through example, a community change process with which the coalition can continue to develop strategies to affect positive change in the future.

A team consisting of the Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization (TPO), City of Knoxville, Knoxville Area Transit (KAT), Knoxville Knox County Community Action Committee (CAC), Knox County CAC Transit, and the East Tennessee Human Resource Agency (ETHRA) are working together locally to coordinate the coalition and the overall process.

The two day workshop was held at the John T. O’Connor Senior Citizens Center on September 20-21 2011. The Project Action staff facilitated the workshop which had approximately 25 people in attendance. Following the event, Easter Seals Project Action will provide technical support for a year. (See the workshop materials >>)

It is anticipated that a report or a summary of the workshop will be prepared. In the meantime, all of the material associated with the workshop is included here on this page. This material also includes follow-up information that the Easter Seals Project Action staff sent related to questions raised at the workshop.

The Knoxville coalition has agreed to continue to meet. The next meeting will be in late October of early November. Please contact Doug Burton at the Knoxville Regional TPO if you are interested in attending a meeting ( or 865-215-3824).

For more information on Easter Seals Project Action go to


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