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The TPO recently updated the Long Range Regional Mobility Plan for the Knoxville Region. In short, the Mobility Plan lays out the vision for transportation in our region for the next 27+ years. All transportation projects that receive federal funding or are regional in nature must first be in this plan.

This plan was adopted by the TPO Executive Board on April 24, 2013. It was endorsed by the East Tennessee South Rural Planning Organization (RPO) on April 12, 2013.

The plan was amended by the TPO Executive Board on March 10, 2015.
Summary of Amendments

Quick Info Fact Sheets

The Mobility Plan and the transportation planning process are often complex and confusing, with a lot of dense material to try to digest. We want to make it as easy as possible to learn about the process. To do this we will be releasing a series of brief Quick Info fact sheets, meant to give you a quick overview of some part of the process. Let us know if there is something you find confusing and we will try to add a fact sheet to simplify it for you.

Mobility Plan Projects

You can select any of the documents below to look directly at Mobility Plan projects that are most relevant to you.

2040 Long Range Regional Mobility Plan

Sections of the Regional Mobility Plan are listed below. The plan is available as one large PDF file or you may choose to download the plan by sections if you experience problems downloading the full file.

Executive Summary

Full Mobility Plan (With Appendices) (26MB)

Mobility Plan (No Appendices) (13MB)

Mobility Plan Appendices Only (14MB)

Regional Mobility Plan Archives

A part of making the planning process more transparent is being able to see how the process and the discussion have changed over time. Below you will find past versions of the Regional Mobility Plan (formerly the Long Range Transportation Plan).